Omar Abdelhafith

  1. Importing a swift module twice
  2. How to link your Java application to Elixir/Erlang
  3. Using Flynn to deploy a Phoenix app
  4. Implementing an object using swift closures and tuples.
  5. Accessing project and private headers in a Swift and Objective-C framework
  6. Fat framework and bitcode support
  7. Enumerated types in Elixir
  8. About Brent Simmons's Performance These Days
  9. Investigating missing symbols in third party libraries
  10. Swift static class/struct fields
  11. Modular framework, creating and using them
  12. Categories in static libraries
  13. const NSString * vs int NSString *
  14. Navigating and discovering a codebase using lldb
  15. Easy tracing with dtracer gem and OADTracer cocoapod
  16. Introducing Profiles "prov" gem
  17. Writing a plugin for Flashlight
  18. Book review: “Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby” by “Sandi Metz”
  19. About Ruby's self
  20. Book review: “Eloquent Ruby” by “Russ Olsen”
  21. Derek Selander on navigating new code base
  22. Migrating from oh my zsh to prezto
  23. Understanding cocoa and cocoa touch responder chain
  24. Auto layout best practices for minimum pain
  25. Parametric (compile-time) polymorphism in swift
  26. Customizing the code thats running for different targets.
  27. How are swift lazy collections implemented
  28. Currying and uncurrying functions
  29. Inside swift collections generators and sequences
  30. Playing in swift playgrounds
  31. Introduction to swift language part IV
  32. Introduction to swift language part III
  33. Introduction to swift language part II
  34. Introduction to swift language part I
  35. The ins and outs of code signing an iOS app
  36. Rendering views on the screen
  37. The journey of a UITouch
  38. "Test Driven iOS Development" Book review
  39. "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" Book summary
  40. A little of SOLID a day ...
  41. Storyboard Layout Mirroring
  42. Ruby Modules
  43. A Minimalist download manager for iOS
  44. Help! My tables don't scroll smoothly!
  45. Some amazing tools and environment for creating apps easier
  46. Productivity tips for creating mobile apps - Part I
  47. The Misunderstood iOS Navigation Bar
  48. Apple HIG Summary - Part II
  49. Apple HIG Summary - Part I
  50. AmmanTT special edition (meet silicon valley)
  51. Presenting the simple flow view and text flow view
  52. UX Elements
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