Desing Principles

Desing pinciple are focused on how users think and use an app and not about wether the app design looks atractive. they tend to focus on app usability vs design.

Aesthetic Integrity

This principle measures app to UI relation, as follows:

  • Productivity related apps must have a minimal UI, they must focus on the task.
  • Immersive task apps such as games, UI must be immersive and promises fun.


App must be consistent, with other apps, and other versions of the same app, the consistency will give users the confidence to use the app


Using well established UX Design patterns help users grasp your app instantly.

A point that i would like to state here, is that UI Designers seem to have problems following well established patterns based on an idea that design patterns bound their ideas. what i think is, the idea of creating ingenious UIs is contradictory to a well known desing principle “dont make the user think about the UI”

A well Designed UI must fade away leaving only the content visible for the user to focus on.

Direct Manipulation

Direct manipulation of on screen objects help user understand your app more quicly.

When you have a choice in your app of directly manipulate an object or use on screen controls, always choose the first option.


The app must give user feedback on their actions in several ways:

  • Buttons must have a highlight state to inform the user that it has been tapped
  • List become higlighted when user taps them
  • Long processes and operations must present a progress view or an indicator.


Metaphores help users understand the app usability faster than abstract interfaces. Methapores should be used whenever possible, just be warry of not stretching them too far.

User Control

App should be designed to give user as much control as is possible, giving users the ability to cancel or stop operations that are ongoing
is preferable.