Ever had the customer or QA telling you, with impatiens, that the build you just gave them didn't install. It happens to me more than I would like to admit. I always have to go, ohm, let me check this, that, this, trying to confuse them.

It’s a long journey from receiving the UDID till the device can actually install the app. Many things could go wrong, and sometimes you would like to have a way to do a quick check on your device before you fire the archive building. Some other times you would like to verify that the ipa you send, really contained that UDID.

For both these cases I created “profiles” gem. Profiles gem, and it’s command line buddy “prov”, help you inspect your local list of provision profiles for a give UDID, and it also can search an ipa’s embedded provision profile for it.

Doing prov local -u <UDID>, will search the local list of provision profile managed by Xcode, prov will return the names of all the provision profiles that contained the UDID.

On the other hand prov ipa -p <IPA_PATH> -u <UDID>, will unzip, parse, and search the embedded provision profile inside the ipa, IT will report wether it found the UDID or not.

So here you go, now you can check your computer for a UDID before building, and confirm that indeed it was the fault of the QA/Customer (as always), by searching the ipa’s provisioned devices.


To install:

$ gem install profiles

For source code head to github