I just came migrated from oh my zsh to prezto which started as a faster fork of oh my zsh but now is a standalone project.

I tried some of the plugins and themes and this is how my terminal looks now (kylewest theme).

Autocomplete with prezto

And if the current directory is a git working dir.

Git branches

I tried some modules modules, and I finally settle on using these:

zstyle ':prezto:load' pmodule \
  'environment' \
  'terminal' \
  'editor' \
  'history' \
  'directory' \
  'spectrum' \
  'utility' \
  'completion' \
  'archive' \
  'fasd' \
  'git' \
  'osx' \
  'ruby' \
  'syntax-highlighting' \
  'history-substring-search' \
  'ssh' \

Bellow are some links of how to install it: