If you are like us then you love tools, you use them every where and you just love to get better and better with them.

Wether they are collaborative tools, or just plain IDEs, we use them every day. bellow i will enlist the tools i normally use and the environment i work with.

Environment and Computers:

  1. Main Computer: Mac OS X 10.8.2
  2. Server Machine: Linux  Ubuntu 12.10

The IDEs used:

  1. Main development IDE: Xcode v4.5.2 (It should be 4.6 but am too lazy to download it) I use xcode for Objective c mainly.
  2. Secondary IDE: Textmate v1.5.11 For all other programing languages i just use this.
  3. Optional Sublime Text 3: i am currently moving to sublime text 3, am getting to like it more and more.

Analytics tools:

  1. Google Analytics: for any day to day analytics needs
  2. Flurry analytics: for tracking conversions and also as a substitute to google analytics, i still didnt decide wich one of the two is better.
  3. Crashlytics: for tracking crashes, i just love this tool, it sends me crashes real time.
  4. Testflight SDK: also as a substitute to crashlytics, i used to use it in the past, but after discovering crashlytics i will remove this from my tools.

Collaborative tools and websites:

  1. Git (SCM): no need to say any other words \<3.
  2. Gitolite: for managing git server on Ubuntu server machine.
  3. Gitweb: for managing git repositories on the server machine.
  4. Trello: managing tasks, todos with a team.
  5. Seafile: Locally managed open source Dropbox. using this helped us in minimizing the time needed to distribute files, it makes distributing files between mac, linux and windows a fun experience.
  6. Redmine: for issue tracking and wiki management.
  7. wikiwikka: also for wiki managament.

Software - Mac:

  1. SourceTree: i used to like CornerStone for SVN but after using SourceTree i feel in love with it. and its also FREE!
  2. Mail App: mail client cant get better that this. and it comes pre installed also.
  3. Pages: after using this i realized how much MS Word sucks!
  4. MAMP Pro: php apache mysql cant get easier than this.
  5. Charles: web proxy debugger that you will fall in love with.

Application distribution platforms:

  1. TestFlightApp.com: distribution made easy and fast.

Todo lists and Bookmark helpers:

  1. Dragdis.com: managing bookmarks on google chrome
  2. Wunderlist: todo list for tracking ideas and simple tasks
  3. Pocket: managing the reading list

Graphical aid tools:

  1. ShipIt: Converting retina icons to standard icons, with this tool we eliminated the need to have the both retina and normal icons
  2. xScope: no other tool can do what this tool does, it calculates sizes, takes screenshots and help fetch colors from images.

I will keep updating this post with more tools as i expand my toolset.
bookmark this you wont regret it :)