Here is a simple UX to approval process that i summarised after reading this article, i hope i got it right.

  1. Collecting information about the problem (Done by the UX): Why, What, When, Where, How, and Who.

  2. Getting ready to design(Done by the UX): Using Lo-Fi (paper and whiteboard) or Hi-Fi (tools or software) methods to create a Wireframe. Then presenting the wire frames to stakeholders and product owners.

  3. Design (Done by the UI or visual designer):  Refine the wire frames, design the interaction. and move it to the UI Visual designer. The UI Visual Designers create the Mockup.

  4. Optional prototyping (Done By UI and Developers): Create a prototype to show to thestakeholdersandproduct owners.

  5. Approval: Get the approval from the stakeholders and product owners on the Mockup or Wireframe (or the Prototype).

Thats is the simple crude process that was stated (or at least what i grasped of) from the article above.

I would love to read your ideas about this article, any feedback will be much appreciated.

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